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[原创] What is the difference between Flexible PCB and Rigid PCB

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What is the flexible circuits? What is The rigid circuit boards?What is the difference between the two?

flexible PCB

Also known as flexible circuit boards,Is rolled with copper or

Electrolytic copper as the material,

Flexibility is very good, Bending resistance.

Normally we talk about PCB

Called rigid board,

The FPC called the Flexible PCB.

Small and medium-sized flexible circuits/s design follows

Rigid circuit board design,

But not completely The same with rigid circuit board.

Specific differences can be summarized as the following aspects:

1, softness

A standard for flexible circuit boards

Is to require good flexibility,

Flexible printed circuit board

Three-dimensional space is very important,

Because of bending and flexible applications

Can save space and reduce the board layer,

Mostly single-sided.

Hard board material is

Requirements more excellent,

With compression,

Wear-resistant high temperature and other characteristics,

So the limitations of the space,

Common Multilayer PCB.

2, the carrying capacity of the line

Compared with the rigid circuit board,

Flexible PCB is Poor

Anything from a straight line to a corner Or different line width changes,Should be smooth transition.

We can see a lot Flex PCB with snake-like alignment.

The same line width from the hard board

Of the current carrying capacity

Much stronger than the soft board,So we common

Flexible PCB applications

In the place of smaller current,

Such as mobile phone cable.

3, the pad design

In the periphery of the pad,

There is one from the flexible material Rigid material changes.

Board This area is the soft board

More likely to damage the conductor.

Therefore, the pads should be avoided

In the region prone to bending.

Rigid board does not need to emphasize this problem.

4, the shape of the plate

Regardless of the soft board hard board

Shape will be a variety of,

Flexible PCB in shape

On the general preferred rectangle,

So you can better save the substrate,

Leave at the edge of the board

Enough free margins,

In the shape,

General solution made of circular

Than the sharp inner angle is better,

The inner solution of the light shape is easy

Causing the plate to tear.

Rigid board is a fixed mode,

Depending on the shape of the product.

5, the thickness of the board

FPC is thinner than Rigid board,

Conventional hard board thinnest to do

To 0.2mm has been very good,

While the flexible pcb Can be thinner than paper,

So in many areas or

There is a good space for development.

From the above can see the Flex PCB

And Rigid boards are different,

Each have their own fields.

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