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[分享] Hotfix_SPB17.20.047_wint_1of1;hotfix47

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补充内容 (2018-10-23 09:13):
Fixed CCRs: SPB 17.2 HF045
CCRID   Product            ProductLevel2 Title
1934956 ADW                DBEDITOR      Footprint missing from part in release 17.2-2016
1945005 ADW                DSN_MIGRATION Right side of Migration dialog box is cut off
1933245 ADW                FLOW_MGR      'Open last Project' button should open the last opened project
1953210 ADW                LIBDISTRIBUTI Library Distribution is not distributing all symbols. No errors for the missing schematic models.
1953727 ADW                LRM           LRM missing two symbols when migrating from release 16.6 to 17.2-2016
1952923 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     DATABASE      PCB Editor crashes on trying to delete layer
1957171 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     DATABASE      Pastemask offset not working when creating a symbol that requires two top-paste masks
1960059 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     DATABASE      Stackup definition causes custom script to crash
1932864 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     DFM           Exporting DFM Constraints losing the association to design level
1957467 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     EDIT_SHAPE    Compose Shape copies lines to wrong subclass
1938536 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     GRAPHICS      Multiple crashes on different boards after installing hotfix 040
1954075 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     SHAPE         Dynamic Crosshatch shapes should be clipped inside RKI if RKI Autoclip is enabled
1957803 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     SHAPE         Wrong dynamic shape status
1949923 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     UI_GENERAL    Focus lost from command window when any command is active
1963245 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     UI_GENERAL    Alias behaves as Funckey in release 17.2-2016, hotfix 044
1892126 ALLEGRO_PROD_TOOLB CORE          Clines disappear and then reappear suddenly on using Route - Shield Generator
1931127 ALLEGRO_PROD_TOOLB CORE          ZDRC not working for Xhatch Shape
1932563 ALLEGRO_PROD_TOOLB CORE          allegro_legacy_board_outline environment variable not set in PCB Design Compare.
1929855 ALLEGRO_PROD_TOOLB OTHERS        Outline not exported correctly for PCB design compare if Design_Outline and Cutout exist
1956494 APD                DATABASE      DBDoctor removes pads
1956291 APD                INTERACTIVE   axlSpreadsheetSetStyleProp should accept 0 and 1 as Boolean values for protection style
1960127 ASDA               ARCHIVER      Using the Tcl command 'archiveproject' crashes SDA
1953718 ASDA               CONSTRAINT_MA SDA Import Pin Delay fails with extra columns, does not explain why
1924498 CAPTURE            SCHEMATIC_EDI Cannot place part 'B' for heterogeneous part if 'Preferences - Miscellaneous - Auto References' not set
1927129 CAPTURE            SCHEMATIC_EDI unable to place heterogeneous part section directly from place part window
1928255 CAPTURE            SCHEMATIC_EDI Unable to place a specific section from Place Part
1945207 CAPTURE            SCHEMATIC_EDI Part selection pull-down reverts to part '1|A' when placing heterogeneous part
1945661 CAPTURE            SCHEMATIC_EDI Section drop-down in Place Part window is not working
1958121 CAPTURE            SCHEMATIC_EDI Preview and placement of sections of Heterogeneous parts is not correct in New Symbol Editor
1956535 CONCEPT_HDL        CORE          DE-HDL crashes on Import Pin Delay for a CSV file
1960922 CONCEPT_HDL        CORE          DE-HDL crashes on moving netgroup on Windows 10
1964016 CONCEPT_HDL        CORE          In DE-HDL moving around nets connected to Netgroups causes crash on Windows 10
1907040 F2B                PACKAGERXL    Export Physical output board file name reverts to old when changing options
1957862 ORBITIO            ALLEGRO_SIP_I allegro2orbit failed to translate rounded rectangle padstack

Fixed CCRs: SPB 17.2 HF044
CCRID   Product            ProductLevel2 Title
1943727 ADW                DBEDITOR      EDM DBEditor: Cannot check in/out schematic model symbols with many linked parts
1800630 ADW                FLOW_MGR      Support spaces in design directory path on Windows
1951052 ADW                LRM           LRM stops responding on project update and removes parts from design
1891428 ADW                PART_MANAGER  Resistor turns into a capacitor when placed
1945194 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     3D_CANVAS     3D Viewer crashes when opening from board file.
1935558 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     INTERFACES    Exported STEP file missing components when viewed in free STEP viewer
1945640 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     MULTI_USER    Symphony client disconnects from server without any notification
1948454 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     MULTI_USER    Window DRC stops responding when run in Symphony
1946619 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     SHAPE         Pin/via with suppressed pad on shape layer and thermal connection type of none should void to drill hole.
1946708 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     SHAPE         Same net hole to shape voiding is incorrect.
1952213 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     SHAPE         Shape voiding from Thru Via when the via regular pad is not completely drilled out by Backdrill hole is not consistent
1889433 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     UI_GENERAL    Command window shows result at the end of a command rather than showing dynamic updates
1933503 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     UI_GENERAL    Extra click required to enable command window
1943692 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     UI_GENERAL    Funckey commands are not working
1945914 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     UI_GENERAL    Mouse focus lost in the command console when doing an 'undo' from the toolbar icon
1945920 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     UI_GENERAL    Focus lost from command window when the toolbar is used for any operation
1949922 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     UI_GENERAL    Focus lost from command window after save or even autosave
1947551 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     WIREBOND      PCB Editor crashes in wirebond edit mode
1935722 ALLEGRO_PROD_TOOLB OTHERS        Panelization: Cannot place parts after migrating design from release 16.6 to 17.2-2016
1951511 APD                REPORTS       The result of Metal Usage Report is incorrect.
1952942 ASDA               GRAPHICS      Need metric (mm) support in grids in SDA
1948122 ASDA               TDO           If user ID has uppercase characters in teamassignmenttemplate.xml, TDO fails to join a project
1931199 CONCEPT_HDL        COPY_PROJECT  Stop hard coding Copy Project license inside EDM
1938153 CONCEPT_HDL        OTHER         Component Browser stops responding on replacing and modifying components
1770601 CONCEPT_HDL        PDF           Wire Pattern set to two-dot chain line not shown in PDF
1791175 PCB_LIBRARIAN      CORE          Allow baseline of cells with pins at symbol origin: change error to warning
1922238 PCB_LIBRARIAN      CORE          Unable to check in into EDM Server due to con2con error SPLBPD-323 - Origin on pin connection point
1936812 PCB_LIBRARIAN      GRAPHICAL_EDI New Symbol Editor: Wrong text being updated when editing text after copy and paste
1804159 PCB_LIBRARIAN      SYMBOL_EDITOR Copy and paste of pins in new symbol editor: issues with pin name, rotation, and move
1927422 PCB_LIBRARIAN      SYMBOL_EDITOR Symbol outline not updated correctly in the new default graphic editor in Part Developer release 17.2-2016
1939272 PCB_LIBRARIAN      SYMBOL_EDITOR Symbol Editor changes origin to bottom left, outline to invisible, shows rectangle with center rectangle at new origin
1928076 RF_PCB             DISCRETE_LIBX dlibx2iff does not work with managed libraries and library-level PTF
1929574 RF_PCB             DISCRETE_LIBX Discrete Library to third-party Translator does not populate the Available Parts section correctly
1850360 TDA                CORE          TDO crashes while changing the root design
1934388 TDA                SDA           SDA TDO crashes on attempting to check in a 'New Block in Shared Area'

Fixed CCRs: SPB 17.2 HF043
CCRID   Product            ProductLevel2 Title
1935813 ADW                DBEDITOR      Auto merging of DE-HDL and Capture Classifications is not working
1935834 ADW                DBEDITOR      Some DE-HDL only classifications are removed during the CSV merge process of libimport
1941570 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     DATABASE      PCB Editor crashes or stops responding on performing 'Info' or 'edit properties' on select pins
1942536 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     DATABASE      Allegro PCB Editor fails to create backdrill plunges in Zone area
1925899 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     DFM           PCB Editor crashes when placing components in Hotfix 039
1943113 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     DFM           Restore normal move/slide via performance when annular ring checking is enabled.
1940939 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     EDIT_ETCH     PCB Editor crashed on running the Gloss - Line and via cleanup tool
1937754 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     GRAPHICS      Text string disappears when selected during 'Edit - Text' if using PCB_CURSOR
1937056 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     INTERFACES    Cannot import IDX acceptance of third-party change to PCB Editor
1940197 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     INTERFACES    PCB Editor crashes when reading IDX file from third-party
1940232 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     IN_DESIGN_ANA PCB Editor crashes when running Return path DRC
1916921 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     PLACEMENT     Property Pin_Global_Fiducial not inherited from symbol into board
1862241 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     REPORTS       In 'Summary Drawing Report', the listed quantity for HDI vias is incorrect under Drilling Statistics
1935448 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     REPORTS       Etch Detailed Length Report lists only one coordinate pair per trace
1948322 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     SHAPE         Allegro hangs when axlPolyOperation api is called
1795564 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     UI_GENERAL    In release 17.2-2016, focus is lost from command window after right-click
1919247 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     UI_GENERAL    Infinite cursor graphics issues on move: Cursor disappears and symbol image remains at old location till refresh
1919256 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     UI_GENERAL    Infinite cursor graphics issue: Symbol disappears during rotate
1933526 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     UI_GENERAL    Panning is slow in PCB Editor in Hotfix 038
1933530 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     UI_GENERAL    Strokes are slower to respond in release 17.2-2016
1933536 ALLEGRO_EDITOR     UI_GENERAL    Third-party dialog stops responding on running commands
1782227 APD                DIE_GENERATOR Ability to specify rectangular shapes in die text in
1933011 ASDA               PART_MANAGER  Parts changed in library with new pin names are not reported or updated by Part Manager
1924529 CAPTURE            NEW_SYM_EDITO Global colors for pin name and number and part body not allowed in release 17.2-2016, Hotfix 038/039
1925846 CAPTURE            NEW_SYM_EDITO Opening library or component with special characters in path throws JavaScript exception
1928905 CAPTURE            NEW_SYM_EDITO Pin name justification, length, and casing incorrect for generated parts in Hotfix 038
1928965 CAPTURE            NEW_SYM_EDITO Cannot move pins in Capture if Pin Name is missing
1932149 CAPTURE            NEW_SYM_EDITO JavaScript exception if path to part contains special characters in Hotfix 039
1936301 CAPTURE            NEW_SYM_EDITO Cannot edit symbol in new symbol editor: Displays parsing error (SPSMI-1)
1917172 CAPTURE            PART_EDITOR   Pin name rotating on schematic even when pin name rotate is off in symbol editor
1924456 CAPTURE            PART_EDITOR   Color preferences for pin, pin name, and pin number do not apply in part editor but only in schematic
1928872 CAPTURE            PART_EDITOR   Pin name locations are wrong and each needs to be placed manually
1929562 CAPTURE            PART_EDITOR   Changing pin name while adding a pin not intuitive in Symbol Editor
1932732 CAPTURE            PART_EDITOR   Part Editor issue: Pin name selection box too long and text not justified in Hotfix 040
1933523 CAPTURE            PART_EDITOR   Connection box does not appear after changing pin of a placed part in Hotfix 040
1936994 CAPTURE            PART_EDITOR   Error because of illegal characters in pin name and number and net name
1943074 CAPTURE            PART_EDITOR   Pin names rotated in Part Editor not rotated when placed on page
1943078 CAPTURE            PART_EDITOR   Pin name rotate not working.
1945055 CAPTURE            PART_EDITOR   Pin names not rotated in schematic
1925700 CAPTURE            VIEWER        Pin numbers and text not shown during Variant View mode anymore.
1914437 CONSTRAINT_MGR     CONCEPT_HDL   Constraint Difference Report appears even though there is no difference in constraint.
1935152 CONSTRAINT_MGR     CONCEPT_HDL   Match Groups are not formed with the correct pin pairs
1940575 SIP_LAYOUT         ORBITIO_IF    Need new routing flow
1923722 SIP_LAYOUT         STREAM_IF     Use one symbol for all instances of a Via Structure
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